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Okay, so I posted in TQC and of course, I'm sticking out like a white guy in Harlem. So for anyone who clicked on my username and is looking at this post:

Hey. I'm Xavier. I am a fat faggot. But you may call me SHITTY FAT TITS. For the last time, the club I work at doesn't allow me to film my acts, if you want to see what my comedy is like, watch one of my vlogs. Do you like it? Well guess what? You can like it or hate it, I'm still gonna hate your fucking guts.If you want me to hate you, you can probably be yourself and there's a 99 percent chance I'm gonna want to fucking kill you. If you want me to like you, abortions turn me on, so anyone with footage of abortions is totally on my list of people to kiss ass to.

As you can see, I don't take myself too seriously. There's not much you can say to bother me. Not much you can SAY. But there's one thing that fucking gets to me like crazy. And you assholes are masters at it. I'm not gonna tell you what it is, but a few people from TQC already know because I have disclosed it SEVERAL times. Come to think of it, I mention it in like 70 percent of the topics I've posted in. So it should be easy to find out. Jesus, what am I getting myself into. . . 

Oh, I'm totally open to any chick blowing me. But I must warn you that everyone who has ever blown me has died within a month of doing so. Usually by their own doing.

I think that's it. Later.

Writer's Block: Sh*t Happens

Accept the negativity in your life for what it is because you can't do shit about it.
What is the best way to develop a positive attitude?

I am a loser

I'm tired of making up excuses when people ask what's wrong. When people ask me if I'm feeling alright and I look them right in the face and lie to them saying "Oh, I'm just tired" or "I'm a little sick" or "I'm really high"
That's not the problem. The problem is that I have no purpose in life. No motivation. I wake up every day with nothing to look forward to.  I have no friends, I have no money, I have no job. No one needs me. I hate the person I am. I always tell myself I've changed, but I never change. I'm still the same scum I was when I was born, and that's what I'll always be. I can't maintain relationships of any kind. It makes me so sick when people say "I don't have any friends" or "No one likes me" when they have friends and people who like them. I have no one. And you know what? It's my fault. I don't care what others tell me to make me feel better. It's MY fault.  My very aura draws people away. And I can't blame them. For who can love a man who lies to himself and everyone around him every day? Who can love a man who is living a lie?
I want to feel important, but I don't. Because I'm not. If I died, my mom, sister, and step dad would show up to my funeral. The rest of my family wouldn't take a plane trip to go. They'd send they're love to my greiving parents and sister, but they would really be thinking "It was gonna happen sooner or later. He lived a crazy life. Poor kid." Sure, they'd be sad. Because I'm pathetic. I have existed almost 19 years and have NOTHING to show for it other than a GED diploma and a few stand up gigs.
I am a loser.

Writer's Block: The Meaning of Life

A perverted outcast who is unhappy with his life and copes with it by using drugs and preforming stand up.
Describe your life in one sentence.

Writer's Block Unplugged Question

Is blackface ever okay? Consider the sorority girls who put on blackface to look like the Cosby family for a party or similar Halloween costumes, which don't seem to have an ill or derogatory intent. Question asked by jen  in "Writer's Block: Unplugged"

It depends. Let me make my points. Back in the time period of the 1870s all the way through the 1950s, one who dressed in black face did an over exaggerated  profile of southern African Americans, with the intention of making people laugh. It was very popular back then and people loved it. Of course, you barely see people dressing up in blackface in modern times. And when they do, it's usually something like a Halloween costume of a historical African American. So is black face ever okay? For the most part, no. It's racist, cruel, and insulting. But in some very rare circumstances where blackface is being used in a way that isn't offensive, such as a Halloween costume of Mr. T, then in my opinion, that's okay.

Writer's Block: Shhh… Don’t tell

Well, I have private entries with material that I don't want people seeing, mostly about embarrassing shit that I don't want people to know about. When I was in high school, a lot of people knew about my livejournal, and I had no idea until I got called to the office about some stuff that was on here. But as far as right now, I don't think anyone that I know sees this. People who have added me as a friend when I would post in the eating disorders journal might see this stuff, but other than those very few people, I don't think anyone sees this anymore. I write in this journal so that I can look back to let's say a year ago and see the progress I've made since then. Well, not necessarily the progress, but the amount of change in my life. That's the real reason why I post here.